The second issue of the „Forum of Poetics ” devoted to interpoetics formulates numerous questions that belong to it even more vividly and in a more multidimensional way than the first issue. First of all, it completes the problem of a particular duality, which is described by interpoetics studies. (...)

GAN and GPT-2 neural networks, worn words and creativity, namely literary second-hand

Inez Okulska

ORCID: 0000-0002-1452-9840
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‘Everyone writes, but nobody reads’, ‘if you want to write well, first you have to learn the classics, see what the others have created’ – these or similar statements have been with writing enthusiasts for a long time. (...)

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Over the inter-, in the trance– circle. Novelizations to video games as an example of transmedia narratives

Joanna Sikorska

ORCID: 0000-0002-1345-3979
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The aim of this article is to present an novelization to video games as an important element of contemporary, transmedia narrative practices. I present, in the first part of the text, the characteristics of the novelization taking into account their place in the dynamically changing, convergence media landscape and consider what functions they play in relation to their audiovisual (in the case of film novelizations) and interactive (in the case of video game novelizations) prototypes.

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