Editorial Board

„Forum” represents a place for public discussion, and it is time we had more dialogue on the subject of poetics in this place.

„Forum of Poetics” is a bilingual (Polish and English) philological quarterly, published in digital form and dealing with contemporary problems of poetics. The purpose of the journal is to generate systematic and multifaceted thought on the transformations of poetics that have resulted from changes in philology and the humanities. In each of the thematically organized issues of „Forum of Poetics” there will be articles grouped in regular departments. The main, theoretical department will offer general perspectives on matters of poetics today. The translation department is tasked with developing knowledge on the newest poetics concepts from abroad. An important feature called “Poetics Dictionary” contains articles relating to contemporary perspectives and utterances on problems not yet assimilated by the lexicography of the discipline. The increasingly crucial importance of practices essential to knowledge production has necessitated the creation of a department of interpretation and praxis, in which certain formulas of poetics will be printed in the course of literary analyses. Beside the necessary survey and reviews of current works of poetics broadly understood, we are proposing an additional section called “Poetics Archive,” in which poetics concepts which have been somewhat or entirely forgotten will be presented anew, since we feel it is worth testing their capacity to inspire contemporary humanities thought.

PL ISSN 2451-1404

The editorial staff is composed of scholars from the Department of 20th Century Literature, Literary Theory, and the Art of Translation from the Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

Prof., PhD Tomasz Mizerkiewicz (Editor in Chief)
Prof., PhD Ewa Kraskowska
Prof., PhD Joanna Grądziel-Wójcik
PhD Agnieszka Kwiatkowska
PhD Ewa Rajewska
PhD Paweł Graf
PhD Lucyna Marzec
PhD Wojciech Wielopolski
PhD Joanna Krajewska (Publishing Editor)
PhD Cezary Rosiński (Linguistic Editor)
MA Agata Rosochacka (Publishing Editor)
MA Gerard Ronge (Assistant Editor)

„Forum of Poetics” is published by Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, ul. Fredry 10, 61-701 Poznań, POLAND.

„Forum of Poetics” Editing Practices

The editors of „Forum of Poetics” hereby declare a policy aimed at ensuring the originality of scholarly publications and opposed to ghostwriting and guest authorship:

  1. the editors demand that authors of scholarly writing published herein reveal the contributions of individual authors to all articles submitted (naming their institutional affiliation and contributions as authors of any concepts, premises, methods, minutes, etc. used in developing the article), with overall responsibility borne by the author submitting the manuscript;
  2. the editors clarify that ghostwriting and guest authorship are violations of scholarly honesty and integrity, and if discovered, any instances of such behaviorwill be exposed and appropriate authorities notified (institutions where authors are employed, scholarly bodies and societies, associations of scholarly editors, etc.) ;
  3. the editors shall document any instance of scholarly dishonesty, in particular violations of the ethical principles to which all scholars are bound.

„Forum of Poetics” reviewing practices:

  1. reviewers for „Forum of Poetics” journal are individuals from outside the institution with which the editor-in-chief is affiliated;
  2. at least two independent reviewers from outside that institution are asked to evaluate each article or text published in the magazine;
  3. when dealing with texts written in a foreign language (a language other than Polish), at least one of the reviewers is affiliated with a foreign (non-Polish);
  4. our reviewing practices involve a double-blind review process: authors and reviewers are not aware of each other’s identity;
  5. each reviewer must sign a declaration of the absence of any conflict of interest; conflicts of interest are constituted by the following relationships between reviewer and author:

– direct personal relationships (kinship, legal association, conflict),

– relationships of professional subordination,

– direct scholarly collaboration within the two years previous to the review’s preparation.

Reviews are completed in writing and end with an unambiguous verdictin favor of either publishing or rejecting the article. The principles on which articles are accepted or rejected are published on the magazine’s home page.

The names of reviewers for each issue of the magazine are not revealed; once a year, the magazine presents a list of its collaborating reviewers to the public.

Reviewers in 2017:

prof. dr hab. Jerzy Madejski

prof. dr hab. Andrzej Hejmej

prof. dr hab. Marian Bielecki

prof. dr hab. Danuta Opacka-Walasek

prof. dr hab. Sławomir Buryła

prof. dr hab. Arkadiusz Bagłajewski

The primary version of „Forum of Poetics” journal is its electronic version.

The journal is published in two language versions: Polish and English.

License information

Articles published in the „Forum Poetyki/Forum of Poetics” are available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 PL license (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives).